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      Chicken Manure Dryer


       Application of Chicken Manure Dryer:
      Chicken manure dryer is suitable for large, medium-small farms and the breeding industry. Different heat source can be used according to the requirements of drying products. The heat source can be gas preducer, hot-blast stove, indirect hot blast stove, heat conduction oil, electricity heating, steam, etc.

      Xinguang chicken manure dryer is suitable for processing chicken manure with moisture less than 65%, duck manure, livestock manure, slaughter scraps, etc. which makes big contribution to extending feed resources, reducing feed costs and controling environment pollution.

       Mechanical Structure and Working Principle:
      Chicken manure dryer is mainly composed of heating source, feeding machine, rotary drum, material crushing device, discharging machine, induced draft fan, the discharger and power distribution cabinet. The chicken manure after dehydration enter the drying cylinder and flipped by the lifting board making the manure fully contacted with the hot air flow. In the process of drying, the material is processed by the slopy lifting board and the heat flow, and carried to the CJ-HX at the drying machine end for discharging.


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