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      Bucket Elevator


      Processing capacity: 3-100m³/h
      Processed materials: bulk and particle materials like cement, stones, sand, ore, limestone, coal, gypsum, clinker, dry clay; powder materials such as raw materials, cement and coal powder etc.
      Application range: mining, construction materials, coal mining and sand quarry.

      Bucket elevator is used for lifting the crushed materials and block materials. The machine has the advantages of big conveying capacity, high hoisting height, stable and reliable running and long service life. The machine is applicable for the crushed materials, and block materials, such as coal, cement, block, sand, clay and ore. The bucket elevator is allowed to convey materials with high temperature when armed with special circle chain structure.

      1. Large capacity and high lifting distance.
      2. Stable operation and long life.
      3. Little noise and easy maintenance.

      Technical Parameters:
      Model Max. lifting Height
      Pitch of buckets
      Motor Power
      D350*10m 31.5 42 500 7.5-15
      HL300*10m 30.16 28 500 7.5-15
      HL400*10m 30.16 47 600 7.5-22
      TH315*10m 39.97 70 432 7.5-15
      TH400*10m 30.36 110 432 7.5-22
      TB315*10m 30.5 30.45 200 7.5-15
      TB400*10m 32.7 50.75 250 7.5-22

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