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      Weight: 1.8-204.6t
      Processing capacity: 5.6-6,250t/d
      Processible materials: dehydrate concentrate and tailings of the ore beneficiation plant.
      Application range: metallurgy, chemical engineering, coal and non-metal beneficiation.
      Advantages: large handling capacity, covering a large area, convenient for maintenance.

      Thickener is suitable for dehydrating water of the concentration and gangue in the concentrating factory. The use of pulp particulate precipitation rate so that the medium increases the concentration of minerals, selected to the concentration of small concentration of the media, from the overflow from the output. Concentrator make the mash of 20-30% raise up to 40-70%, it is widely used for melting, chemical, coal, non metal concentration, environment protected etc industry.

      1. Adding flocculating agent, bigger the diameter of the deposit solid grain, speed up the deposit.
      2. Set the lean board, reducer the mash deposit distance, increase the deposit square.
      3. Have effect on flocculating. Percolating, compressing and dealing quantity of the slurry deposits.
      4. Fit the perfect automatic facility.

      Model Thickener Capacity Motor Height of rake lifting
      Rake speed
      (t/d) t
      Diameter Central   Model    
      m deepness
      TNZ-1.8 1.8 1.8 1.3-5.6 Y90L-6 1.1 200 0.5 2.5
      TNZ-3.6 3.6 1.8 5-22.4 Y90L-6 1.1 350 0.1 4
      TNZ-6 6 3 14-62 Y10L2-4 3 300 0.3 9.6
      TNZ-9 9 3 32-150 Y132S-6 3 350 0.25 18
      TNZ-12 12 3.5 250 Y132S-6 3 250 0.19 35

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