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      Vibrating Feeder

       Electromagnetic Vibrating Feeder 
      Electromagnetic vibrating feeder is widely used in mining, metallurgy, coal, building materials, chemicals, electricity, food and other industries. It is used to feed massive, granular and powdered materials from storage silo uniformly and quantitatively.

      Small size, light weight, low noise, high frequency, low power consumption
       Can be used in automatic control production line.
       Stepless adjustment to the quantity, Frequent start-up and continuous operation can be done at the rated voltage, amplitude condition.
       Simple installation and maintenance. 

        Heavy Vibrating Feeder 
      The heavy-duty vibrating feeder is used under the mining trough of large dumper or under other large silos to get materials discharged evenly from mining silos. It has been widely used for feeding operation under mineral silos of train dumper or other mining operation.
        Trough Feeder  
      Trough feeder can be set on the ground, or be hung on the discharge port of ore bin. The bottom does reciprocating motion and the stroke frequency is 20-60 beats/min, the stroke length is 20-200mm.

      The stroke can be adjusted through the drive. Eccentricity is half of the stroke distance, whick is not less than 30mm. Trough length is about 2-2.5 times longer than the max feeding size. The biggest trough feeder can feed iron ore partical size less than 500mm. The commonly used specification is 980*1240, the feed particle size is 0-350mm. 



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