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      Ceramic Production Line



      Ceramic consists of small, lightweight, bloated particles of burnt clay. The thousands of small, air-filled cavities give Ceramic its strength and thermal insulation properties. The base material is plastic clay which is extensively pretreated and then heated and expanded in a rotary kiln. Finally, the product is burned at about 1100℃ to form the finished Ceramic product.

      Ceramic production line is mainly used in oil field and the finished product, building materials , gardening , refractory insulation materials, Chemical and so on. ceramic sand is adopted as oil pressure support agent.


      1. Crushing machine includes jaw crusher, impact crusher, and fine crusher to crush the big size materials into the suitable size to grind.
      2. The water content of the raw material is usually very high, so it is better to dry with the rotary dryer.
      3. Using ball mill to grinding the particles into powder.
      4. Dosing and mixing the powder with mixer.
      5. Using disc granulator to make granules or balls.
      6. For the balls are wet, it is better to dry with rotary drying machine.
      7. Before claiming, the unqualified balls are screened out by the rotary drum screen, and then return back to the crusher.
      8. Calcining by rotary kiln.
      9. Finally, the ball with high temperature is cooled down by rotary cooler.

      Main Equipment

      Its main equipments are: jaw crusher, hammer crusher, ball mill, screen, rotary kiln, cooler, disc conveyor etc.


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