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      Iron ore is an important raw material of steel producers. After crushing, grinding, magnetic separation, flotation, re-election and other procedures, natural minerals (iron ore) elected gradually of iron. Iron exists in nature all in compounds state, especially in the state of iron oxide but has more impurities. Such as hematite, magnetite, siderite, limonite, etc.


      Based on the fully auto control, mechanical loading and unloading devices, adoption of FR kiln for fast reduction, AMF Process is one process of producing the DRI of cold briquetting.

      Preparation of Raw Materials:

      The devocalizing agent/desulfurizer and reducing agent are loaded into the respective storage bin by charging machines. Then different materials are put into the mixer by the electronic ration feeder for an even stir. Then the well mixed materials are loaded into the automatic feeding bins. The fine ore is put into its storage bin by the feeder, and then sent to the storage bin of briquetting machine by the conveyor for briquetting. Then the briquettes of iron powder which is made according to some specifications are put into the crucibles by a mechanical hand. The reducing agent is then put into the crucibles. The loaded crucibles are loaded by a specialized loading machine on the trolley with a given space between them. Lastly, the loaded trolleys are pushed into the kiln for reduction by the hydraulic pusher in a certain way and time interval.

      Reducing Roasting:

      This step is finished in the FR tech kiln. A suitable and stable kiln temperature and reducing time are key factors for determining the DRI quality. This step includes three phrases: preheat, reducing and cooling. Firstly, the loaded trolleys are sent by the driving gear into the FR tech kiln for preheat. During this phrase, water in materials in evaporated completely, and the desulfurating agent is resolved. When the temperature reaches at about 900℃, we call it high temperature reducing phrase. In this phrase, the iron oxide is reduced completely and the iron comes into being. Then in the cooling phrase, the material comes out of the kiln when it is cooled to be 200~300℃.

      Its main equipments are: jaw crusher, screen, rotary kiln, cooler, ball mill, magnetic separator etc.

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