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      Lead-Zinc Ore Process Equipment


       Lead and Zinc Mineral Processing Engineering

      Overall process flow for lead-zinc ore dressing: broken system adopts two stages one close-circuit crushing, grinding system is a closed-circuit grinding. Flotation process adopts zinc floating lead suppression technology, lead separation adopts one coarse separation three sweep separation and three fine separation, while zinc is carried out once coarse separation twice sweep separation and three times fine separation to get lead concentrate, zinc concentrate and tailings. After concentration and filtering, the concentrates are send to warehouse, while tailings are send to the tailings storage after drying.

      The original ores are transported to the warehouse, and fed by electric vibrating feeder into a jaw crusher for first stage crushing, materials after crushing are transported by belt conveyor to the self set center vibrating screen for screening, the large particals will be send to the cone crusher for second crushing and transported by the same belt conveyor to the vibrating screen again. The screened particles are transported to the circle storage by the belt conveyor.

      The original Lead-zinc ore is fed by plate feeder to the ball mill for grinding, after grinding, send the material to the hydrocyclone for classification, the large material is sent back to the ball mill for grinding again. While the overflow minerals are delivered by pipeline into the stirred tank for mixing and stirring and then the pulp enter flotation machine for flotation.

       Lead-Zinc Concentration Process

      Lead-zinc ore pulp enter the flotation machine for 1 time coarse separator, 3 times scavenging, 3 times concentrating selection and get lead concentrate and lead tailings. And the lead tailings are processed again with the same method to get zinc concentrate and tailings.

      The concentrate pulp is conveyed through pipeline to deep multy-cone concentrator for enrichment. The overflow water can be reuse, the underflow enter into plate filter, and the filter cake is conveyed by belt conveyor to concentrate storage warehouse.

      The tailing pulp conveyed by pump to hydrocyclone for concentration. The concentration overflow is transported into the highly effective concentrator for further concentration and the overflow water of the concentrator is return for reuse. The underflow, together with concentration vortex underflow, is conveyed to the multiple frequency sieve dehydration, and the filtrate water returns to the tailing slurry. The filter cake is conveyed by belt conveyor to the tailings storage. This is the whole lead-zinc ore dressing process.

       Zinc mineral processing equipment

      1. Jaw crusher, cone crusher for ore crushing and realizing monomer dissociation between useful minerals and gangue minerals.

      2. Self-centering shaker: classify the mixed mineral into different levels according to the different particle size and select the qualified particles to avoid excessive crushing of ore and improve productivity of the crusher.

      3. Ball mill: for ore crushing and make finer granularity.

      4. Hydrocyclone: separation of qualified products in a timely manner to avoid excessive wear, at the same time to separate unqualified grit to return regrinding, moreover, it has concentrating effect.

      5. Flotation machine: for inflated stirring of pulp, make the mineral particles whose surface has been received by the capture agent attached to bubbles, and scrape it with a scraper to get concentrates.
      6. Concentrator: for the precipitation and concentration of pulp to get supernatant and concentrated slurry from more dilute slurry.
      7. Filter: Remove most of the Capillary moisture from the material.

      8. There are also some auxiliary equipment, such as electric vibrating feeder, belt conveyor, mixing tanks, ore bin, sand pump, pool pump, motor, etc.

      Xinguang design and suggest whole lead-zinc processing equipment. For more infomation, please complete the form below to contact us and we will reflex to you as soon as possible.


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